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  • The US Navy Seal Survival Handbook

    The US Navy Seal Survival Handbook

    Handbook by Don Mann and Ralph Pezzullo. 248 page paperback. Includes information on jungle survival, mountain and arctic survival, desert survival, survival at sea, water, shelter and fire, food and hunting, weather, navigation, medicine and much more.

  • Improvised Munitions Handbook

    Improvised Munitions Handbook

    This reprinted Army Field Manual covers the manufacture of explosives and propellants, mines, grenades, small arms weapons, ammunition, mortars, rockets, incendiary weapons, fuses, detonators. Each paperback manual has detailed diagrams and illustrations...

  • Family Survival Guide

    Family Survival Guide

    The Best Ways for Families to Prepare, Train, Pack, and Survive Everything. By Mykel and Ruth England Hawke. You and your family will learn: how to find, purify, and store water; how to build a fire; how to construct different types of shelter and the...

  • The Ultimate Guide to Hiking

    The Ultimate Guide to Hiking

    More than 100 Essential Skills on Campsites, Gear, Wildlife, Map Reading, and More. By Len McDougall. 170 page paperback. Information on: How to choose the best gear, set up a campsite, interact safely with wildlife, properly read a map, forecast the...

  • Green Beret Survival Guide

    Green Beret Survival Guide

    438 page paperback. By: Mykel Hawke. Essential strategies for shelter and water, food and fire, tools and medicine, navigation and signaling, survival psychology, and getting out alive.

  • US Army Ranger Handbook

    US Army Ranger Handbook

    Produced by the U. S. Department of Defense. Paperback. Information on: Leadership, communications, Demolitions, Movement patrols, Mountaineering, Urban operations, Evasion and survival, Aviation, First aid, and more. Bulk packed.

  • US Air Force Survival Handbook

    US Air Force Survival Handbook

    The Portable and Essential Guide to Staying Alive. 578 page paperback. Includes expert advice on: First Aid for illness and injury, Finding your way without a map, Building a fire, Finding food and water, Using ropes and tying knots, Mountain Survival,...

  • Guide to Making Fire Without Matches

    Guide to Making Fire Without Matches

    Tips, Tactics, and Techniques for Starting a Fire in any Situation. By: Christopher Nyerges. 147 page paperback. Topics include: How to make a fire in the rain, The best locations to build a fire, Safety precautions, How to tend a fire, How to make a...

  • A Beginner's Guide to Basic Survival

    A Beginner's Guide to Basic Survival

    By David Nash. 136 page hardback. Techniques and tips for making a plan, creating kits, first aid techniques, food storage, carry essentials, disaster awareness, weapons, and security. Bulk packed.

  • Badass Prepper's Handbook

    Badass Prepper's Handbook

    By James Henry. Everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the worst. Learn such things as: how to fortify your home, how to preserve and store food and water for years, what should go in your "bug out" bag, how to cook off the grid, what...

  • Practical Paracord Projects

    Practical Paracord Projects

    Survival bracelets, lanyards, dog leashes, and other cool things you can make yourself. 213 page hardback. Features color photo instructions for paracord projects by

  • Backyard Medicine Book

    Backyard Medicine Book

    Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies by Julie Brunton-Seal & Matthew Seal. Includes nearly 300 color photographs and over 120 herbal remedies that you can make yourself. 206 page softcover.

  • Emergency War Surgery Book

    Emergency War Surgery Book

    The Survivalist's Medical Desk Reference - Department of Defense. Addresses topics such as critical care and damage control surgery; triage and aeromedical evacuation; weapon effects and parachute injuries; shock and resuscitation; fractures and...

  • The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide

    The Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide

    The Ultimate Guide for Short-Term Survival by J. Wayne Fears. 142 page pocket size paperback. Includes chapters on Search and Rescue, Survival Kit, Weather, Trouble, Signals, Shelter, Building a Fire, Sleeping, Insects, Safe Water, Food, Hypothermia,...

24 of 37 Items