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UV Tooblite

Rechargeable Glow Stick

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Rechargeable Glow Stick

You need a light source that never, ever lets you down, and the UV Tooblite is it! This high performance rechargeable glow stick illuminates the dark all night long and then recharges during the day by absorbing energy from any light source. It’s perfect for dropping in your gear to take anywhere, as it's lightweight, waterproof, reusable and reliable. It makes a great nightlight for your tent. Made of nontoxic materials, it lasts forever and works in any temperature! It recharges in one minute of sunlight, 5 to 10 minutes of ambient light and just a few seconds under a high intensity flashlight. The light gradually fades over 12 hours.


  • Recharges in 1 minute of sunlight; 5-10 seconds with a flashlight!
  • Absorbs energy from any light source; glows all night
  • Never wears out; recharges to same intensity forever
  • 12-hour light source (before recharging)
  • Perfect to attach to keys, backpacks and other easily lost items
  • Designed to be marker/beacon/locator in the dark
  • Made in the USA; Overall length: 6 1/4"